Sunday, September 15, 2013


Cutting and Organizing

I've been spending this past week just sorting, ironing, cutting, and organizing some of the "what was I thinking" fabrics in my sewing room. A dear dear DEAR friend of mine gifted me with a Log Cabin die for my GO! cutter... along with some fabrics she termed "B-Ugly" and a challenge to play with those and have some fun. So that's what I've been doing... making logs of the old big florals, the novelty type fabrics and the ones that are just flat strange looking, both from my own shelves and from the ones she sent me. Of course, I'll add some really pretty fabrics to the projects I use those in, but at least the "uglies" will be cut up first! I'll post photos when I finally get a chance to actually sew any of those together! *wink*
And with the PRETTY fabrics....
Done! I also finally got the binding finished on the two throw quilts I've been working on this past couple of weeks:

It's been a productive week, though my sewing room looks like a hurricane blew through!
Happy Quilting!
Jean MaDan