Monday, July 30, 2012

A Flimsie Excuse

I haven't FINISHED many quilts the past few weeks... my stock of batting was depleted so I mostly just made more flimsies (unfinished tops) that are waiting now in the wings.

The one quilt I HAVE completed, is the red flannel quilt below. I was given a box of little flannel scraps in kids prints, mostly on white or cream backgrounds, so I bought some bright red flannel to contrast against them so that I could use them up. I admit, it's not very "adult" in style, but it's soft and cuddly, and makes a great utility quilt. I was able to finish this one right away because I had a polyester batting that I wasn't using for anything else. Besides, on this quilt I think warm and natural cotton batting would have made it too heavy! I still have some flannel bits left in the box, but I may pass them on to other folks.. I do NOT enjoy working with flannel!!

Buckeye Beauty with sashings used for this one.

The first of my flimsies waiting, is from a kit called "Magnolia" that was gifted to me by a friend. She wanted to see someone complete it, and I enjoyed working with a kit.. my first experience in doing this! I hope to finish this one pretty soon.

This scrappy was just some black framed scrappy bricks. I like the way black shows off various fabrics!

I'm calling this one "In The Box". I had a lot of postage charms that I wanted to use up, so I made 9-patch blocks of those and surrounded them in black. Then I added some other units to make the blocks larger, and set them with sashing. I like this one, myself!

This next quilt is made with blocks that I received in a Christmas BOM swap some years ago. I'm finally getting around to putting it together!

Another swap I was in was this disappearing 9 patch block, done in Civil War fabrics. Not my favorite, but it will suit someone, I'm sure.

I was given a few baby size quilt tops to use for my charity work, so I took one apart and restructured it with some scraps of my own to make it throw size. I feel like the seams are more secure now, so it will hold up better. (In some places, the seams were only one or two threads wide!) The fabric was well worth saving, and ripping doesn't really take all that long! I think this will make a lovely quilt!

I tapped into my "orphan blocks" to make this sampler. I decided to set it using the attic windows design, so I think it's okay.. not a favorite, but not terrible.

So.... as you can see, I may not be posting finished quilts lately, but I haven't been totally lazy either. LOL!

Happy Quilting!
Jean MaDan


  1. OH MY GOODNESS!! You need to get some batting :) Wow what gorgeous quilt, amazing. I like the magnolia quilt from the kit, but really it just doesn't compare to your scrappy quilts. The "in the box" pattern is just wonderful, I think that one is my favorite. What an incredible quilt show you put on.

  2. So, planning those backings is quite a challenge too!

  3. I love your scrappy quilts-especially the red one! I need to quit looking at blogs. I just don't have enough time to make all the lovely quilts that I see and want to make!

    I am sorry to add a negative to this post. I almost didn't post this because of the extra steps of proving I am not a robot or to prevent spam. I really dislike that.

    1. I wish I knew how to fix it, Pam... it seems to be something Google does without my seeing it.

  4. Your posting is like visiting a quilt show. I love the wide variety of things you have been working on. My 2 favorites are the scrappy red flannel (I love the look and feel of flannel, but hate to work with it) and the framed bricks. The black really makes the colors look vibrant.