Friday, October 19, 2012

Hidden Wells

I'm back to doing flimsies and not much else lately. Things have been a little intense at home, so it's hard to concentrate much on my quilting right now. But, I'm keeping busy! I decided to give the "Hidden Wells" pattern a shot, to see if I liked it.
The first try, I chose two gold fabrics that were too much alike, so it didn't have the contrast on the main blocks that it should have had. Believe it or not, those are all "patriotic" fabrics, though it didn't turn out to look much like a patriotic quilt.

On the second one I decided to go further apart in colors.. didn't like that choice either, because face it.. I chose really ugly stuff for this, and too many pastel fabrics in the wrong places. (This pattern isn't as forgiving of ugly fabric as an old fashioned scrappy quilt is.)

Finally decided to do one queen size quilt top and call myself "finished" with this pattern. Still not crazy about the fabric choices, but at least it's done now! I had some pieces left from my strip sets ends, so I used those to make the pillow tuck at the top. I didn't have enough of the light fabric left to do more strips to stick with the pattern, so this was my best option for making the quilt long enough. I kinda like that idea, as it was a fairly creative alternative to a quilt that was not long enough on it's own.

Happy Quilting!
Jean MaDan


  1. absolutely LOVE all three versions. and, your creativity in the pillow tuck. looks like it was totally designed that way from the beginning. i really like that idea of the pillow tuck, and like it co-ordinating, but contrasting in design from the quilt body. totally rocked that one in my opinion! i am now off to finish two of your patterns....the bricks and the shadows. making them from same fabrics for son and dil for christmas....

  2. Just beautiful Jean. Anytime you are looking for a new home for them contact me. I do quilts for the Vets Restoration center in Asheville NC.

  3. Prolific must be your middle name. A fabulous finish to that Hidden Wells pattern. Love the pillow treatment - very creative use of the scraps. Thanks for Sharing.