Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Fabric Strips

Christmas is always a busy time for everyone, and sometimes we don't get everything finished that we wish we had. Another thing that happens at my house is that leftover Christmas fabrics tend to get shoved back into a "someday" box, and not get used after that first project. That's the story behind these flimsies. "Back in the day", I made a kajillion scrappy Christmas stockings. I also made the mistake of pre-cutting WAAAAAAAAAY too many strips of various widths for that, leaving me with a bulging bin of Christmas strips that weren't always a good size for new projects. Some of this fabric is over 20 years old, and hasn't been used for anything but stockings for years! Any-WHO, I decided that THIS YEAR would be the year that I finally got those strips used in one fashion or another.

So... organization time! First I sorted out all the accurate 2" wide strips that I had cut, and put them in a different bin. These are the flimsies I made from those:

Tesselating Christmas Trees:
Christmas In A Box:

And, finally,
Christmas Chain:

Then I took the remaining strips, which were of various widths, and made 20 scrappy stockings for my soldiers project, and used the remainder to make a Christmas String Quilt:

So, I'm happy to say my large bin of strips is now reduced to a very small box of 2" strips that I can easily encorporate into another quilt. Yea for MEEEEEEE!


  1. LOVE LOVE THE TESS. TREE!!! The others are great too! Never thought of String Christmas!!Great idea (as I thunk myself in the forehead)

  2. Love your Christmas quilts, especially the string one -- I now have another great idea thanks to you!!