Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Day

Modified Bear Paws
I got a GO! for Christmas, so to see if the cuts were accurate, I used some "uglies" from my scraps and made a modified version of Bear Paws. (By the way, the cuts are VERY accurate, and I LOVE my new toy!!) This made a very cute baby size quilt. Yes.. it truly is cuter in person than it shows in the photo! LOL!

Everyone that ever quilted has at least one embarrassing piece of junk. This one was mine. Or at least, one of my worst! I put this together MANY years ago.
The original premise was not bad... I would use some orphan blocks etc., in patriotic colors, add a nice pp center and some border stars, and have a neat looking vet quilt in the end. Well, I used some really bad fabric I guess, because it has smudges of red going onto the white areas. I hope those will wash off, but there's no telling for sure, so it will NOT go out of my house.
Secondly, since I had already decided that the bad red fabric made it junk anyway, that I would try an accessory that came with the used longarm I bought around that time. (Note to self.. if the words "how hard can it be?" come out of your mouth, it will be VERY hard!) So, I quilted circles.... sort of... and badly! I put that accessory away in a closet after that and haven't touched it since! What a MESS! The quilt also got tossed away in the closet, and I never bothered to put binding on it till today. And the only reason it got finished today, was that John asked if I had a junky quilt that he could have for Sophie (his little dachshund) since she was always cold. I remembered this quilt, so I got it out and put the binding on it for her to use. It was so cute... she immediately burrowed under it and laid down with just her nose peeking out! Made us all happy, so it was worth it. LOL

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