Monday, April 8, 2013

Work in progress...

In Progress.....
I usually tend to stick to one project and get it finished, but lately that hasn't been happening as much. Oh, I'm sticking to them.. just not getting them finished as fast as I would like. Of course, it would help if I weren't working on two of the most time consuming patterns! LOL! So, when you don't see me posting finishes, it doesn't mean I'm not sewing at all.
The first quilt I'm working on is a Double Wedding Ring done all in brown scrappy style.
I have two rows put together, and all the "arcs" sewn for the remaining rows. It's all about assembly at this point, which of course is the most difficult and time consuming step.
The other quilt I'm working on is a hand sewn Grandmother's Flower Garden, done all in 30s prints. I'm doing this one in the totally traditional manner, as I have wanted one since I was a little girl and am determined to get this one done "the hard way". I'm doing English paper piecing, so where you see that one set of white hexes (around that blue flower), that look gray, it's because I've removed the paper from those. (I didn't trust that paper, and was afraid it might stain after being in there a long time.) The rest of the paper is white, so I figure it shouldn't present a problem.
I figure this one will take me a year, doing the hand sewing in the evenings. Basting the hexes goes fast, but again, it's the assembly that takes all the time.
Happy Quilting!
Jean MaDan

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  1. Oh I LOVE the DWR. The first quilt I ever saw that really caught my eye, many years before I ever dreamed of quilting, was a DWR. I want one so badly now and yours is just beautiful!!