Friday, February 21, 2014

Too many flimsies!

Oooops... UFOs in the making?

Usually when I start a project I tend to go start-to-finish on it. You know... design the quilt, make the blocks, put the top together, get it quilted, put the binding on, and the it's done and off my mind. But things have been a bit on the difficult side around here lately, with lots of interruptions, so I admit my powers of concentration are a bit on the ragged side. As a result, I have *gasp* FLIMSIES (tops that aren't quilted yet) on hand that need attention. They may wait a while, but here's what is ready to quilt:

 Red-work Stars is just a simple variable star pattern with an embroidered red-work flower in the center of each star. (My sister is a nut for embroidered flowers, AND for red-work, so this will make a great gift for her on her next visit.)

 Banded Logs was designed to use up those don't-match-anything black pieces of fabric scraps that were in my scraps. This seemed to work well, as the blacks blended away nicely into the brighter prints.

This Disappearing Pinwheel Churndash pattern from the Missouri Quilt Company, was just something I "had to try"... so I DID! Here's where to find it on Youtube:

(I Hope the link works! If not, just go to youtube and type in disappearing pinwheel and you can find it.)

About this pattern... for you beginners, be aware in advance that this method puts all bias edges on the outside of your block. So, sew gently and try not to stretch it out of whack. And I, for one, advise immediately bordering the blocks in straight edge fabric if you want it to lay flat when you're putting rows together or quilting it. But, that's just me, and if you're an expert you may not have issues with that at all.

Oh... and that tutorial I did a few days ago... yep... it's still waiting to be quilted:

Now, since I figured I had enough tops laying around, I started cleaning up my sewing room and saw that my "string bin" was getting a bit out of hand again, even after doing the quilt shown above, so I knocked off 160 regular string blocks:
(16 stacks of 10)
So now my string bin is finally empty again! *whew* Mind you, that's just my strings, not my precisely measured strips, which are a whole-other-issue! LOL!

Now I'm sitting here realizing that I need to start quilting, when what I REALLY want to do is go start another quilt top. (Somebody smack my hands!) Preferably something really pretty and maybe even NOT SCRAPPY! But most of the designs in my head would involve shopping, so that isn't likely to happen right now. So... it's time to get inventive. I need to go shop the scraps and make a controlled scrappy that will do the same thing for me, right? Okay... I need to quilt first, and THEN go shop the scraps! *wink*

Happy Quilting!
Jean MaDan


  1. Oh what a wonderful quilt show you gave us today Jean! That redwork quilt is really something, what a treasure that will be. I do love the disappearing pinwheel quilt too, I think I'm going to have to try that one. But I do have a quilt on the frame and all excited about quilting it. Can't wait to see all your beauties quilted. I'm sure when you're in the mood to get them done they will go quickly. Just enjoy the phase your in now and go with it!! Beautiful creations coming out of your sewing room right now.

  2. I hid all my flimsies under the bed......giggle. You have some lovely quilts there.