Friday, July 17, 2015

GO! With your jelly rolls!

Use your GO! cutter with your jelly roll strips to make HSTs fast, and still use up some of those strips that you just can't decide what to DO with!!

Okay... now be honest!! You have jelly roll strips that you just... don't.... LIKE! You liked 80% of the ones that came in the set, and there were some that just didn't float your boat. Am I right? If not, well... you're one lucky quilter! So, what do you do with those left over strips that you didn't like, and didn't use?? I decided to use mine to make Half-Square-Triangles. (HSTs). I can use those in scrappy quilts, and it won't matter that they aren't my favorite fabrics. I'm not going to bother to give you a pattern to use them in... there are a kajillion (a technical math amount *snicker*) patterns that use HSTs in them, and I'm sure you already have something in mind. What I'm going for in this tutorial is fast-and-easy... that's all. What you do with them is strictly up to YOU! So... here we GO!

Using your GO! cutter, and die #55063 (the one that cuts half square 2" finished  triangle multiples) cut out triangles FROM BACKGROUND FABRIC OF YOUR CHOICE. I decided to use white for all of my background, just for simplicity sake, but you can do whatever you like. I cut a good size stack of those before I start picking through my jelly roll strips.
Once I choose my first strip, I cut off the selvage and then cut it into 3¼" long sections, and add one of the background triangles to one corner.
Place right sides together, carefully matching corners. Sew ¼" from edge, as shown below.
Now add another triangle to the opposite corner.
Sew ¼" from edge as before.
Be sure to watch your corners and keep them straight.
Next your going to cut the two sections apart as shown below.
Trim off the rabbit ears (see black lines marked) and press open.
You now have two lovely HSTs ready to use in whatever project you want.
Continue in the same manner until you've used up your strip segments.

Happy Quilting!
Jean MaDan


  1. Genius, pure genius I tell you!!

    1. LOL! Don't know about THAT, but it sure did make good use of some of those strips! Not to mention those pesky pieces of strips. ;-)