Friday, July 17, 2015

Square Dancing Star

Let me start out by stating clearly that this is NOT my pattern! If you want this pattern, it's available (sort of) here:
Square Dancing Star

I say "sort of", because I wasn't happy with the size for my own use, so I made it with larger pieces and then I also added borders. But it is a nice pattern, so don't let that stop you, if you're happy with the size they offer!! And no, I won't tell you details about how I changed it... that wouldn't be nice of me. *grin* But really, I'm serious, it IS a nice pattern!!

Now, they CLAIM that the center is an Ohio Star, but it sure doesn't look like any Ohio Star I've ever seen. LOL! So just ignore that Ohio Star name part... Square Dancing Star works just as well anyway! So..... on we go with my story of how my quilt came to be!!

Last March there was a very-big-deal-quilt-show in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Now, I have never in my life gotten to attend anything like that, but my best quilting buddy DOES go, and I live vicariously through her, with daily emails flying back and forth. She also does a LOT of retail therapy when she is at these shows, and this year she required more than usual, as she's recovering from some major health setbacks. She is also the very definition of generous, and knowing that I was also going through some major "stuff" myself, she determined that I also needed to be on the retail therapy train. LOL! So she proceeded to buy a LOT of goodies for us BOTH! Among the MANY things that she purchased for me, was a quilt kit... THIS quilt kit. Because I wanted it larger, I added fabrics from my own stash, but other than that, it is much as it was intended to be. And I am thrilled with the end result. So... TA-DAH...... I present.....

Square Dancing Star

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