Sunday, March 25, 2012

Patterns For Sale

My patterns are currently being revised to be offered in my Etsy shop. I think that will make it more convenient for everyone. I'll keep you updated on the progress. Thanks for your patience!

As always, if you make a quilt from one of my patterns, send me the photo with your complete name, and I'd love to post it on my blog!
Happy Quilting!
Jean MaDan

Throw, Queen and King sizes included.
Vibrant Charms 

Arizona Arrowheads 

Do your strings straight or angled, all colors or controlled. Use what you HAVE and what you LIKE!
String Rings 

Scrappy or controlled, you'll have fun with this one!
Certainly Stars! 

(Bear's Paw using bonus HSTs)
Bonus Bears

Jean's Choice

Scrappy Sensation

Tumbling Blocks Scrappy
Made WITHOUT "Y" seams!!

 Scrappy Carpenter's Star 

Ribbon Star Scrappy

Woven Fat Quarter Strips


  1. Is there a way to purchase your patterns? I just saw someone's finished version of your Scrappy Carpenter's Star and would love to make one myself, but I can't seem to find anywhere to purchase the pattern!


      You can find it on my Etsy site as shown above. :)

    2. Thank you! For some reason, when I looked on your Etsy site earlier, I only saw three items. Heading off to buy patterns now!

    3. I think I had a store glitch... I saw the same thing, reloaded it, and then it suddenly was working again. LOL! Good think you said something to me!! Thank you!!!