Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Quilt Finishes

I got caught up on my love quilts this past week. (I try to get one per week done.) One of the patterns I do a lot of variations on is the eight inch star. On this one, I bordered them with black and with white and used a chain setting. This one will go to a friend of mine, but I did several more similar ones that went to local organizations. I don't do photos of those. *smile*

"Baltimore Bliss"
This was a BOM pattern from "Fat Cats", and I couldn't resist it, though I don't do a lot of applique. It's pinker than I hoped it would be. I may have to find a home for this one with a family member, and make myself one in blue or greens.

I'm finally feeling well enough to sew again, so I'm getting lots done! Right now I'm working on a scrappy ribbon star quilt, and I just finished quilting a log cabin variation that I'm putting the binding on now. Photos soon!

Happy quilting!


  1. Both gorgeous finishes. I especially like Baltimore Bliss as I love the look of applique. What treasures!

  2. Wow now those are some fantastic finishes!! I love them both but that Baltimore Bliss is really something